My Favorite Travel Secret – Because Wrinkles are a Bitch

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We all know wrinkles are a bitch, and no I’m not talking facial wrinkles (even though those are some pretty bitchy babes as well) trust me, we’ll get to those later.

I’m talking about those unforgiving wrinkles in your clothes. ESPECIALLY when you’re travelling.

Honestly, I can’t handle it. I’m the BIGGEST fan of dresses, rompers, and skirts. They’re easy, look pretty and you don’t have to worry about undoing the top button after you finish lunch.


What I don’t love is unpacking these beautiful pieces only to be greeted with layers of wrinkles.

To be fair, some hotel rooms do have irons. There’s just one problem, I never seem to have that kind of time, nor do I have enough skill to not burn myself.

Plus, I’m not always in a hotel room, sometimes i’m in a hostel, a tent, or an air mattress in the back of my truck. No matter the case, I like to be wrinkle free.

Trust me, I’ve tried everything to avoid these wrinkles…


I’m that girl who’s hung her brand new dress next to a steamy hot shower, looked up “wrinkle free packing styles”, patted my clothes down with a damp towel, and yes I’ve even attempted to use a hair straightener to get the wrinkles out.Some worked better than others, but none worked as well as I’d hope.

Some worked better than others, but none worked as well as I’d hope.

That was until I found my absolutely-must-have-never-looking-back travel secret, that will be going on every vacation checklist from here on out…

Downy Wrinkle Releaser – Travel Size

wrinkle free

No joke, you guys are going to love me for this one.

It’s the king and queen of any wrinkle remover ever made.

And all it takes is a few sprays of this baby and your clothes are completely wrinkle free.

You can have someone else spray it on while you’re wearing it, or you can hang your clothes on a hanger and spray it on yourself.

Oh, and it’s small enough to fit into your suitcase, carry-on, or purse. In fact, I may or may not have one for each.

My absolute favorite thing about this spray is that it cost a total of 2 dollars.

2 freaking dollars.

Guys, I spend more than that on ONE taco.

So naturally, I always purchase a billion of these sprays at Walmart in the travel section, but you can also find it at a handful of other stores!

Trust me, before your next trip anywhere you NEED to run out and buy a couple of these bad boys. I promise you’ll thank me later!



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