What to do in San Felipe for a Weekend

Oh, San Felipe <3




San Felipe is definitely one of my favorite beach cities in Baja. It’s small, the center of the town is incredibly energetic, the beaches are B-E-A-U-TIFUL, the sun rises from the ocean and sets in the desert, andddddd ….

The best part is that the water goes out hundreds of feet and then flows back in each day. Meaning my dreams of becoming an underwater treasure hunter become possible each morning.

Basically, San Felipe is everything I love all in one! So for Easter, we rounded up 16 friends, headed there for the weekend, and had the time of our lives.



When I’m in San Felipe, I wake up with the sun every day.

Seriously, the moment I feel that little crack of light popping in the window I know it’s time to throw on some sandals and go explore the ocean.

My favorite part about the tide going out each morning is that you get to see all the incredible things that were underwater just hours before.

Sand dollars. Starfish. Beautiful & complete shells…

You can even find a few clams, crabs, and octopus hanging out in the shallow tide pools.

Bottom line, San Felipe is GORGEOUS and an amateur treasure hunters dream 😉

Oh, and if your there you might as well stop at Persevu for the best food and Cazuelas of your life!

The restaurant of Persevu is magical and every time you go you leave with new best friends. The people are incredibly friendly, there’s a ton of beach camping, kayaking, volleyball, anddddd CAZUELAS!

A Cazuela is basically a giant bowl of alcohol, soda, and fruit that you drink out of giant straws and share with your friends. Needless to say, It’s magical.



Now I’m not a doctor and I know mixed drinks are definitely not the next superfood, but to me life is all about balance and I definitely believe in eating & drinking healthy 90% of the time so that I can enjoy the occasional, donut, margarita, or Cazuela <3

Seriously, they’re amazing! Plus they’re a party hit and will bring the crazy side out of your quietest of friends.

Oh, and aside from Cazuelas, treasure hunting, and an incredible sunrise San Felipe has endless trails for the offroaders and desert enthusiasts!

We even had the chance to off-road a little during our stay, and if you know me you know I love freedom a pushing my limits, So of course, I had to be in the drivers seat 😉

Basically, the weekend was amazing and I’m already searching for the next opportunity to go back.

If you’re heading to San Felipe definitely spend some time on the beaches and stop by (or even camp at!) Persevu for some Cazuelas and volleyball! I guarantee you’ll have the time of your life!


What’s your favorite beach camping spot? I’d love to hear about it!

Talk soon,



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  1. Those Cazuelas look amazing!!! Are there a lot of hotels in San Felipe? Where do you stay when you go there?


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