Save Your Cash With These 5 Travel Hacks

travelOkay, so we all know travel can be expensive.  Like crazy expensive. And the outrageous amount of money it takes to get from one place to the next is exactly why travel hacks have become all the rage.

Honestly, I know people who have 5 different credit cards just hoping to score free travel to anywhere.

My only issue… Once you’ve used your miles and scored the free flight you now have a credit card with

A) yearly costs


B) A crazy high interest rate

Not saying these travel hack cards can’t score you free travel…   I’m just saying definitely do your research, and a lot of it!

Besides travel cards, I have a few of my own fav methods for scoring cheap flights, which I’ll definitely be sharing soon

But flights aren’t the only thing you can save on while traveling!

I have a few other travel hacks up my sleeve that i’ve had some questions about lately.

The one question I was asked that I think sums all the rest up is:

“Once i’ve bought the ticket, how do I make sure I spend as little money as possible while traveling?”

Guys. This is such an IMPORTANT question. Because no one ever thinks about it BEFORE the trip, they just hope they have enough money & wing it.


They end up spending way more than they needed to.

These 5 Travel Hacks, I seriously swear by and follow every.single.time I travel.

They’ve saved me SO much money this past year, I can’t imagine not using them.

My Fav 5 Travel Hacks to Save You Hundreds, Let’s Be Real… Thousands in Cash!



  1. Take Public Transportation


Not trying to burst your bubble but tourist get ripped off like crazy, especially when it comes to transportation!

Locals know the average price it takes to get from place to place, but tourist have no idea, and taxis definitely used that to their advantage.

What I’ve learned the cheapest way to travel is to take public transportation like buses and trolleys.

Yeah maybe it will take a little longer to get where you’re going but it will be so much cheaper.

On our trip to Sayulita we were quoted $60 US dollars to take a cab from Vallarta, to Sayulita (About a 30 minute drive), we ended up taking a bus that cost $3 Us dollars.


$60 bucks saved just like that.

Now, if you’re determined to take a taxi be sure to ask a local what the average cost to your destination is.

Whether it’s your hotel attendant, a restaurant waiter, or a local walking down the street… they’ll be able to give you an idea of the “local” price and if the taxi quotes you a much higher rate, you can talk them down.


2. Eat at Local Restaurants


Local authentic restaurants are the best.


Food wise and price wise.

Seriously though, the popular chain restaurants will have the same food that all the other chain restaurants have.

You can get hamburgers, cesar salads and club sandwiches ANYWHERE you go.

I don’t know about you, but when I travel I want the local dish.

I want the chilaquile tortas, fresh guac and handmade pasta that makes my mouth start watering before the fork even hits the plate.

The best food i’ve ever eaten has been at tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurants who put as much passion into their food as they do flavor.

How do I find these amazing places? I ask the locals of course.

Andddd I make sure to tell them I want to local favorite, not the tourist favorite.

The upside of these amazing hole in the wall restaurants… they are usually super cheap and don’t rack up the prices just because you’re a tourist.



3. Stay at hostels


Hostels are the bomb.

They’re beautiful, home-like, and full of interesting people always down for an adventure!

I’ve stayed at beach front hostels, city emerged hostels and even hostels in the mountains.

None of which cost me over $30 a night, most of them costing around $12!

I can’t even begin to tell you the amazing memories i’ve made with people i’ve met at hostels.

And I can guarantee that if you stay there longer than three days you’ll walk away with a handful of new friends.

Now that doesn’t mean you won’t have your alone time. People at hostels are super respectful and there is plenty of time to sit down in a hammock and read a good book.

They’re honestly one of my favorite ways to travel, and beat spending upwards of $100 a night on a room you’re hardly in!



4. Connect With Other Travelers and do Activities Together


Even if you aren’t staying in a hostel there are so many opportunities while traveling to meet up with other travelers and go on adventures together.

Splitting the cost of tours, boats, and even food and drinks can save you tons of money in the long run.

In Mexico myself and 5 other travelers scored a boat tour & guided scuba diving for $5 a person just because we all went in on it together!

It works, and everyone is down to save money so don’t be shy about asking around! 🙂


5. You Don’t Have to go on Extravagant Tours to Have an Adventure


Guys! You don’t have to pay big bucks to have a great time!

Some of the most amazing adventures I’ve been on have cost me absolutely nothing.

I’m talking waterfall hikes, cave explorations, outdoor concerts and festivals!

Do your research before heading somewhere and see what’s happening that week.

Free adventures can be found everywhere!

And if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, again, ASK THE LOCALS.

They know all about the hidden beaches, hikes, and town secrets that guidebooks will never tell you about!

These are just a few of my favorite tricks to save money while I travel, what are your favorite travel hacks?




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