Scuba Diving and Off-Roading in Huatulco, Mexico

Even though¬†Huatulco is still in Oaxaca, Mexico it’s completely different than the city of Oaxaca.

You feel like you’ve been catapulted into the middle of a hidden rainforest/beach town where everything is green & extremely well maintained.


The hotels are awesome & the center of the town is a cheap travelers paradise, I immediately fell in love with it all as soon as we arrived ūüôā

The town of Huatulco has a ton of different shops & restaurants and is small enough so that you can easily walk the entire thing.

One of the days we were there we had the taxi driver drop us off at the front of town so we could walk to an Italian food place for dinner & on our walk we passed about 10 ¬†Mescal (similar to Tequila) shops offering free¬†shots.¬†Needless to say,¬†we took them up on the offers and by the time we reached the restaurant there was no need to spend money on drinks anymore. That’s a win in my book ūüôā

Really how much more perfect can it get?


We didn’t just eat & drink in Huatulco though, we also¬†loaded our schedules with the most incredible tours & adventures.

One of the things I love most about Mexico is that there are much¬†less rules, which opens up a lot more opportunities to do and see incredible things. I’ve been on multiple scuba diving and motorcycle¬†tours and have never experienced the raw, unaltered side of nature like I did in these two.

And because I want you guys to have crazy amazing experiences too, here are all details of the tours I took!

If you have any questions about our tour guides or how we found the tours feel free to email me using my contact page!

 Scuba Diving


Our first day in Huatulco we headed to La Playa Entrega to have lunch and spend the day on the beach. At the beach, we met the local tour guide “El Gato” who took us on a boat tour of the 6 islands, and ended it with a snorkeling session and cave dive.

I know sounds incredible right? $40 for both of us, no joke.




El Gato gave us a history of the Islands and Huatulco in general and even pointed out some houses belonging to famous artists and musicians.

We saw sea turtles, swam with a school of fish, found some crazy pieces of coral, andddd the here comes the best part… I held a Blowfish. So cool & so out of this world.

& it just kept getting better, we also went cave diving with El Gato. He helped us time our entrance perfectly¬†so that we were in sync with the water entering and exiting the cave. Once the water came out, we went in and swam to the top. Sounds simple but definitely isn’t.

Quad Tour



The off-road tour was

They picked us up from our hotel in a giant bus and took us to where the ride begins. We were then given helmets, a quad, and basic instructions on how to operate them.

On the tour, we followed our guide through a forest, over some rivers, into a field of giant banana trees and ended up at our halfway point: a fruit stand in the middle of huge iguana trees.




Look Ba-na-naaaas! ^ (Name that movie!) 

Now either you love or hate the idea of Iguana trees, but let me clarify real quick before you make any harsh decisions.

The Iguana tree’s were not crawling with Iguanas, It’s basically “Where’s Waldo”.

You get together as a group and search for one until someone finally yells “Found one!” and points¬†everyone in the right direction. Awesome, and definitely a team bonding experience.




We all then headed back out on the quads and rode to the beaches, where we stopped briefly along the only beach which will completely flip your sense of direction upside down.

We were on what they call the elbow of Mexico meaning north, south, east & west are not where they should be.

Our last stop was at another beach along the coast and where we had time to swim, relax and eat lunch.


This beach was BEAUTIFUL, not crowded at all, and had the best food!


What are some of your favorite tours that you’ve taken?


Catch up with you soon,




12 Replies to “Scuba Diving and Off-Roading in Huatulco, Mexico”

  1. Oh my gosh, this sounds like so much fun! I have been wanting to take scuba diving lessons <3 And that off-roading excursion looks so fun! My fiance and I are planning to go to Mexico later this year (though not in Huatulco) and I hope we get to do some similar activities :3

    1. It was amazing Deasy! I highly recommend that the first time you go scuba diving it be somewhere beautiful & tropical. It makes the entire experience that much more amazing! Where are you & your fianc√© planning on going in Mexico? I’ve travelled a lot throughout Mexico, maybe I could recommend some cool places to check out!



    1. It was such a great experience! That’s so exciting that you and your boyfriend are planning a trip there! I’m sure you both will absolutely love it!



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