The Top 10 Essentials When Packing for a Vacation in Mexico

So I’ve had my fair share of Mexico trips. (I’m actually traveling throughout Mexico right now!) and no matter how many times I travel there, there are ALWAYS things that I forget. Always.

It wouldn’t bug me so much if these things weren’t absolutely essential items I need on a daily basis.

Im talking don’t leave the house all day essential items.

So I came up with a  plan. About a year ago every time I realized I forgot something I would write it down in my phone notes. Fast forward to now and  this list quickly became my packing bible. I never go anywhere without double and triple checking that everything on my list has been packed.

And it doesn’t stop there… I also arranged everything on my list in order of importance for the location I’m packing for.

I know, obsessive much?

But seriously, this list has saved me more times than I can count and the top 5 Items on it are so crucial I had to share them with you so you don’t make the mistake of forgetting them on your next trip (like iv’e done so many times).

So here it goes, a tiny glimpse of my packing bible and the top 5 most important items on it…



Yes. NO MATTER WHAT. Always pack Toilet Paper. I don’t care if you’re glamping, camping, or staying in the nicest hotel. TP is my #1 – before all -have to have item. ESPECIALLY in Mexico.

Here’s the scoop: In Mexico, the Philippines & tons of other places,TP is not provided in public restrooms & if it is they usually make you pay for it. And let me tell you, it’s the absolute worst when you are about to pee your pants and don’t have 5 pesos for two squares of TP (Not like that would really do any good anyways). I ALWAYS carry some TP in my purse. I’ll usually buy the little tissue packets and use those so 1. I don’t have to pay, 2. I don’t have to wait &  3. I don’t have to drip dry – Because we all know thats almost impossible to do effectively if you’re a girl.

Conclusion: BRING TP





2. Cleansing wipes a.k.a my portable shower

I bring the whole cleansing squad. Face wipes, Feminine wipes, Makeup removing wipes, germ killing wipes, you name it. And I can assure you there is a reason for everyone. I am also one of those people who can’t go to bed without a clean face so good face wipes are an absolute must. Anddd when you’re traveling, especially if your the outdoorsy adventurous type. You never really know what you’ll be getting into.




3. Conditioner & DRY Shampoo

Here’s the thing i’ve learned about Mexico. Conditioner isn’t a huge thing there, nor is 2 in 1. So as you might not have a problem finding shampoo, finding conditioner will definitely be a task. We once went on a scavenger hunt in Huatulco, Mexico searching for conditioner only to find one bottle that was over a year expired. *Cue the addition of conditioner to my packing bible, I really hate dry unmanageable hair.

So why the dry shampoo? Because when a shower, shampoo & conditioner aren’t an option you’re still going to want to look like it was. Dry Shampoo has become my favorite thing ever. Especially for those early morning workouts before work.




4. Bug Spray

Now is not the time to be bitten by anything especially mosquitos. Zika’s on the rise and so is just about everything else. Protect yourself and load on the bug spray. I even buy some especially for my face because Im supersensitive to insect bites and end up looking like Will Smith in Hitch if I let my guard down.




Thats what I look like if I get bit in the face ^     Yeah, not pretty.


5. Water 

I always pack a few sealed water bottles for the plane ride and then when I get where I’m going I head to the nearest store and buy some more to carry with me. Since I grew up in San Diego I’m used to being able to drink every kind of water there is, tap, shower, fountain…

Not in Mexico. Or Africa. Asia. South America…

There’s actually a lot more places where you can’t drink the water then where you can. So pack your own and always ask for bottled water when you’re out. Trust me, you don’t want to risk it.




7. Sunscreen

Even if you’re not on the beach all day you’re most likely getting more UV rays than usual. I always apply sunscreen on my face, hands & neck no matter what. It’s become a part of my daily routine. Skin Cancer is no joke and sunburns hurt like hell.




8. $ Money

My grandma used to always tell me to keep a little bit of cash with me wherever I went & that advice has definitely been put to use. The trick is to keep it close to you. In your jacket, bra, shoe, cell phone case, pocket. As long as it is with you. Sometimes suitcases get lost & in even worse circumstances things get stolen.

Purses. Backpacks. Wallets.

You always want to have a little money on you for food, a phone call, or a taxi back to the hotel.


Feel free to use this image, just link to www.SeniorLiving.Org


9. Razor

This one is self explanatory but important. & it’s probably one of the things i’ve forgotten the most.

Nobody likes hairy armpits or cactus-like legs. They just don’t.





10. Must-Have Medicine

Whether you take medicine daily or just want to pack some tums for an emergency don’t forget to pack it! You don’t want to be sitting there after eating a sh*t ton of hot sauce with some heartburn thats going to ruin the rest of your night…

I also have a medicine bible list of my most needed & used medicines while traveling. Maybe I’ll do a post on that one soon 🙂


My top 3

Benadryl * In the event that I do get a bug bite and my eye swells up the size of a baseball .

Ibuprofen * Ever-changing altitudes and constant walking make ibuprofen seem like a lifesaver.

& Allergy medicine * A stuffy, runny nose is never fun.






So there’s the top 10 on my packing bible! What are some of your essentials when packing?


19 Replies to “The Top 10 Essentials When Packing for a Vacation in Mexico”

    1. That’s awesome that you’ve been to Cancun, it’s one of our next stops! If you have any favorite places or tips let me know!! 🙂



  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome tips. I’m off to Cabo in May so I am bookmarking this! (lmk if you have any reccs!) – the TP one is huge – who woulda thought?!? The medicine one is another good one – some places won’t allow you to buy some. For example, I know someone who was unable to get Zyrtec in Hawaii once and had to get it shipped from California! Always good to be prepared! x Shannon

    1. So glad you found this useful! The medicine is a big one for me to especially because sometimes in different countries medicines can be different names, strenghts and forumulas!

      That is so exciting that you’re going to Cabo in May!! I would definitely visit take advantage of the zip lining tours and stop by Lovers Beach when you go!



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