The Best Tours to Take in Oaxaca City

If you like historical towns, churches, petrified waterfalls, pyramids, ahhhh-maz-ing food and super cheap prices then you will love Oaxaca City!

I honestly couldn’t put the camera down. Everything was so unique and unlike anything i’ve ever seen.


Oh, and did I mention it’s CHEAP. (Im talking $1 beer cheap!) 


At times I seriously felt inclined to give people more money than they were asking for because they were asking for so little…crazy, right?!

Oaxaca is filled with beauty & adventure. They have 16 recognized indigenous cultures and a bazillion dialects. Not to mention the city is so culturally diverse you’ll feel like you’re in a different state every few blocks.

The people in Oaxaca are incredible. I’ve never witnessed so many smart, hardworking, entrepreneurs in my life. Every thing they do is hand or homemade. The food, the furniture, the buildings, the mescal, EVERYTHING.

If I told you everything I loved about the city this post would turn into a book, so to keep it short I’ve decided to map out some of the highlights of our trip (Prices included!)


Mezcal Tasting, Alebrijes & Lunch ~ 8 hours ~ $25 each

1614334_804477512912011_1748728978_oThis was such a crazy & incredible experience! A 10 passenger van picked us up from the hostel around 8am, and then drove us to the mescal factory.

Thats where it got a little insane. Okay, so Mescal is like Tequila butttt It has a worm in it & it’s made in Oaxaca. Naturally, I was a little grossed out but what the heck, it’s an adventure right? I’m going to be honest with you guys… the regular pure Mezcal – Yeah, not my favorite. I got a little after taste of worm and probably made an incredibly unattractive face …  😆


But… the good news is they have different flavors which are SO good! I’m talking hazelnut, mocha, strawberry, pistachio… so many flavors that don’t taste like worm at all! and they give you a super good deal if you want to buy some there.



Alebrije Factory


Next stop on the tour was the Alebrije factory & If you live close to a state bordering Mexico chance is you’ve seen one before.

They’re those little tiny wooden painted turtles who’s head bob up and down. If you have know idea what I’m talking about, Alebrijes are Oaxacan sculptures that are painted in bright beautiful colors.

The thing that impressed me most about the Alebrijes is that the pieces are incredibly tiny. The sculptures put so much time into each one and you’re able to watch the entire process at the factory. Alebrijes are a big thing in Oaxaca so it was exciting to see how passionate the sculptures were and what the Alebrijes meant to them.


Tip* Alebrijes will cost the most at the factory, so i’d plan on buying them somewhere else. You can find Alebrijes in abundance all throughout the state of Oaxaca, and other states too! They’re everywhere


After Alebrijes we all went and had lunch at a well know restaurant  (included in the tour). The restaurant was gorgeous, and a lot of the people were foreign so we were able to meet people and talk about their travels and what they’ve been experiencing.


The food? Out.Of.This.World. I definitely went back for seconds.thirds and possibly fourths. 🙂


 Petrified Waterfalls, Trip to Oaxaca Valley, Santa Maria, Mitla Archeological Site, Zapotec village ~ 360 pesos w/ exchange rate about $11 Dollars


Hierve el Agua ~ Petrified Waterfalls

The petrified waterfalls are an out of this world experience. You drive these cool backroads, and hike down a little hill to reach this teal blue pool of warm water on the edge of a cliff. No

joke. You can swim to the edge, sit on the ledge, jump into the pool and just relax with all your fellow travelers.12630859_1260009190692172_146261070_o

Whats better than kicking your feet up and chatting with adventurers from around the world? Not much.

On the edge of the mountains around you cans see ( & walk to) the “petrified” waterfalls. What used to be running waterfalls, have now tried up and where they use to run in dyed white from  a reaction of the mineral with the water.12637343_1260009144025510_1897715695_o

 Tour De Monte Alaban ~ 180 Pesos per person (With current exchange rate about $11 Dollars)



Here’s where you learn the uncensored and honest history of the many indigenous cultures of Oaxaca. You see artifacts, you learn about sports, hike up pyramids, and everything really begins to sink in. It’s one of the only places where they let you come in contact with the history of the country. you walk the same steps of those that built the pyramid, and travel through the same cave they painted their stories in. It’s eye opening, bold, and completely raw.


* Tip: If you’re going to buy a sun hat anywhere buy it here before you enter the site. The hats are awesome & much cheaper than you will find anywhere else! We bought two for $10 !



Zapotec Village

Zapotec village is beautiful. It’s full of weavers who create beautiful, detailed blankets based on pictures in their head. The process is extremely time consuming and delicate, and it’s amazing to see it first hand.


If you want to read more about our Zapotec Village experience & how they taught me it’s okay to eat bugs check out this post!

The breakdown of our Oaxaca City tour expenses looked like this $25 + $22 + $22, totaling $69 !


2 Replies to “The Best Tours to Take in Oaxaca City”

  1. I’m thinking of taking the family to Oaxaca this coming summer and would love to do some of the tours – do you remember who you booked with? Any tips to find a good price – trip advisor has a bunch which are about $100 per person which sounds high to me.

    1. Hi Tony! I am so happy to hear that you’re thinking of visiting Oaxaca, it’s such a beautiful place! We booked all of our tours once we got their with the locals in downtown Oaxaca, it’s much cheaper if you book once you arrive to Oaxaca instead of online. We spent our first day in Oaxaca exploring the town and scheduling tours for the rest of the week, which worked out perfectly. It’s also much easier to haggle the price down in person than it is over the phone 🙂 Let me know if you’d like any more info on the tours or Oaxaca in general. I hope you and your family enjoy your trip this summer!



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