10 Reasons Why You Should Never Travel With a Local

Here are 10 reasons that will convince you that traveling with a local is the absolute worst idea ever…


1. You’ll learn a new language.

At first your brain may go crazy trying to process all that your hearing but by the time your trip is over you’ll be leaving with a new accent.


2. You’ll get the local prices on EVERYTHING (including tours!).

Yes, traveling just got so much cheaper.



3. You’ll have access to the hidden spots only locals know about

and they won’t have a problem with you being there… even when you do snap 1,000 pictures of everything you see.



4. You won’t get lost

& if you do who cares, it’s beautiful.



5. You will eat the best food.

& I mean the BEST. yeah that Italian restaurant may have 5 stars on yelp, but the locals know about that one bacon wrapped hot dog stand next to the church thats much better (& cheaper!).


6. You will make a ton of friends.

You’ll be able to connect better with the locals and help out other travelers who are struggling with the language/culture barrier.


7. You will be aware of every festival, holiday & party that could possibly be taking place.

…AND be invited to join!



8. You’ll start feeling like a local yourself.

Hey, you know the hangouts, the parties, & the people… Maybe you belong here 🙂




9. You’ll fall in love.

With the place, the culture and possibly with the person! Maybe not madly, deeply, forever in love but, when someone love’s something their passion is contagious and it definitely rubs off on you.


10. you’ll remember the experience forever!

This won’t just be another trip where you visited some famous monuments. This will be the trip that changed your life.


8 Replies to “10 Reasons Why You Should Never Travel With a Local”

    1. Totally agree! I’ve gotten lost more times than I can count and it’s always lead me to somewhere beautiful! 🙂


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