Let’s Talk About Airlines… Dirt Cheap Airlines.


Let’s talk about Mexican airlines

Crazy cheap ones…

Before I was 20  I had never travelled out of the country


I had never really travelled outside of California with the exception of summer trips to Arizona and a school trip to New York in the 8th grade.

My lack of country hopping then may be the reason I’m hardly ever in one country for long now.

I live for adventure,and even when I am home in San Diego, I’m traveling across the border to Mexico multiple times a week.

Because who wouldn’t celebrate Taco Tuesday in Mexico when it’s only 30 minutes away?

The tacos are incredible. The tequila is cheap. And there’s just something about the culture that makes you feel right at home.  

This constant travel to and from Mexico has lead me to realize that mexican airlines are almost as cheap as their tacos.

Honestly, though…

Flying within Mexico is MUCH cheaper if you’re flying on a Mexican airline, and if you live close to the border why not skip the US airlines and save a few hundred dollars?

Plus, Mexico has made it SO easy for Americans to fly on there it’s insane!

In San Diego they’ve even created a footbridge that takes you directly to the airport. (I’ll be doing a detailed post on that soon!)

Because I want all of you to be able to travel and explore this beautiful world for cheap, here are a few must-know tips when flying on a Mexican airline, so you know exactly what to expect!

♡ Choose Your Airline Wisely

What are you looking for?

…The cheapest way to your destination? Snacks included on your flight? Plenty of legroom?

Or, tequila shots to calm your nerves? (totally viable)

The airline you choose determines all of this.

Now, my two favorite Mexican airline companies are Volaris & Aeromexico for two very different reasons.

Mexican Airline Volaris

Volaris is SUPER cheap. I’m talking ¼ of what you’d normally pay and they ALWAYS have specials and discounts going on.

But… it comes at a price. With the purchase of your ticket you’re allowed 2 small carry on bags, and 1 checked bag under 50 pounds. (I never pack more than this anyways, so I don’t mind at all!)

Anything and everything else is extra. Food. Special seating. Drinks. Additional bags… you name it.

And they’ll try to charge you for it every step of checkout so keep an eye on the initial price and make sure you’re not being charged for anything you don’t want.

Aeromexico on the other hand is a little pricier but still much cheaper than an American airline and includes free snacks and beverages.

Mexican Airline Aeromexico

Usually, when I’m looking at tickets for a specific destination I’ll check both airlines and compare prices, to see if it’s worth it.

I almost always go with Volaris though, the prices are hard to beat and I usually pack snacks on my carry-on anyway 🙂

♡ Switch the Website to English

Once you’ve chosen the low cost airline company that you want to fly with, be sure to book your tickets in English and US Dollars.


Chances are if the website shows the prices in pesos, you’ll run in the opposite direction.

As of now, the exchange rate is favoring US Dollars make flying with a Mexican airline even more of a steal!

♡ The Two Documents You Need to fly on a Mexican airline

1) Your passport. Make sure it’s valid and hasn’t expired!

2) You’ll need a Traveler’s Visa

A traveler’s visa or “form of migration” will let Mexico know you’re traveling for vacation purposes and not planning on staying forever… even though you might end up wanting to 🙂


If you’re going to be traveling longer than a week you can purchase a traveler’s visa at the airport for around $20 US Dollars.

If you’re going to be gone less than a week you can fill out and print one here for free!

Before you begin to fill out the form make sure you have your passport number along with the address you’ll be staying at in Mexico.

The form will also ask if you’re traveling to Mexico by Land or Air…

if you’re crossing the border by car or walking to the airport be sure to put land!

♡ Print out your boarding passes, and choose your seats!

After booking your flight, you’ll receive an email with your confirmation number. Use this number 24-48 hours before your flight to choose your seats and print out your boarding pass!


As long as you have your boarding pass, passport, and travelers card you’ll be flying over Mexico in no time!

♡ Plan out your transportation

There are so many options when it comes to traveling to and from the actual airport.

San Diego is now offering “Uber Mexico” which will take you directly from San Diego to the Airport in Tijuana, you can also cross using the CBX bridge which I’ll post on soon!


Taxis, vans and buses from the border to the airport are also available if you’d rather not drive across.



What are your experiences traveling on foreign airlines? I’d love to hear about it!!


Talk soon!




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