Leaving Kyliefornia

Hey everyone and welcome to Leaving Kyliefornia!

My name is Kylie and I’m a California Native. I was born and raised in San Diego and didn’t really begin traveling outside my sunny state until I graduated high school. I’ve now decided that as much as I love California its time to leave and explore the beauty this world has to offer.

Last September I married my best friend and the other half to my crazy, Josear (a.k.a Jose Armando, a.k.a Jos). In all the ways we are alike we are also very different, his first language is Spanish, mine is English. Our cultures are completely different, I’m a thinker, he’s lighthearted, I like tofu, he winces at the sound of the word. Yet, somehow our similarities and differences fit together so perfectly that we truly balance each other out.



Jos LOVES to sightsee. He loves the big churches, castles, monuments, boat rides and tours. I on the other hand love the unknown hidden places. The local shops, the natives, the waterfalls that may not be the biggest but are by far the most virgin. This mix of interests makes us the perfect team when traveling, he makes sure we see all the “can’t miss” historical areas of a place, and I make it my mission to eat lunch with the locals and give every single stray dog a name.

So what happens when you combined two super impatient, adventure loving people?…

you create an urge, no, a NEED to travel and be on the go ALL THE TIME.

The problem? Money, of course.

We are newlyweds in our 20’s still trying to make our mark in this world with the realization that you need money for just about everything. So we decided to try our hand at travelling as many places for as cheap as possible and we’ve had some serious luck with it! Our friends, family and even acquaintances we meet on our travels are asking us how we afford to go and do everything that we do.



That’s where Leaving Kyliefornia comes in… I’ve created this blog to give you and everyone else an in depth look at our travels. I will be sharing how we find the best deals, detailed list’s of our budgets/costs, the places we visit, and just about everything else that comes along with the adventure.

Now with all of that out of the way, as Jos likes to say (I’ve honestly heard him say this a million times) “Just relax and enjoy the ride!”



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    1. Hi Heather!

      Thank you so much. Your blog is absolutely gorgeous and I love your latest Christmas post! Have a beautiful week and happy holidays!



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