On-The-Go Protein – Chocolate Almond Bites

I honestly don’t understand food companies obsession with adding harmful, unhealthy chemicals and preservatives into food when nature provides us with perfect natural ingredients that do the job 10 times better.

I mean seriously who needs Splenda when we have natural sweeteners like agave and dates which don’t harm our bodies anddd add nutritional value to our food…. Ugh.
Okay, I’m done ranting I promise.
Anyways, yesterday I was craving sweets all day. All I wanted was a cookie, or brownie, or something full of chocolate and goo. But I refrained and snacked on some grapes instead.
Yeah, it’s safe to say that my sweet tooth wasn’t satisfied.
So when I woke up this morning still craving the gooey goodness that brownie batter promises I knew I had to kick this craving to the curb.
My answer. These amazing gooey, chocolately, almond protein balls.
I swear my first bite and I was in true bliss. I made them in under 10 mins, and stored the extras [I seriously had to refrain myself from eating them all at once] in the fridge for my later cravings.
These Chocolate Almond Protein Balls are proof that nature makes the best candy. No brownie, snickers bar or m&m could compare to this wholesome goodness.
And it gets better, totally guy and kid approved. I’m going to have to hide them in the back of my freezer so my fiancé doesn’t eat them all 😉
1 cup of presoaked and pitted dates [soaking isn’t necessary but I find it gives it a more gooey texture]
1/2 cup of raw almond butter
1/4 of organic cacao powder
1/4 cup of chia seeds
A dash  [or two!] of sea salt
* Optional – 2 tablespoons of your favorite vegan vanilla protein powder
1/4 cup of processed almonds to roll the protein balls in
1. Add all ingredients [except for the processed almonds!] into a food processor and pulse until it becomes a gooey dough like texture.
2. Roll the Dough into 1″inch balls
3. Place processed almond powder into a small bowl and roll the protein bites around until each one is fully covered in almond.
4. Store in for about 20 minutes to let them harden a bit and then enjoy!! 🙂

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