How to Fly to Oaxaca, Mexico (& back!) for under $200 per person!

Ever heard of Oaxaca? Yeah, I hadn’t either.

I had no idea it even existed let alone how to pronounce it  (Wa-haw-ka), That is until I met Jos (<– Husband).


He had been there once before and knowing my love for travel & culture he insisted that we go.

I’m the kind of person who will find every way possible to pay for a vacation. Whether that means not shopping for a while, selling desserts, getting another part time job, you name it i’ve probably done it.

But, lucky for me none of that was necessary because round trip plane tickets were only $180!

Yes    One.Hundred.and.Eighty.    Unheard of right?!

How did we find tickets that cheap?


We followed these 4 steps:


  • We traveled from Tijuana – Flights within Mexico are much cheaper than international flights. Plus they’ve just opened up a crosswalk between San Diego and the Tijuana airport  so you don’t even have to drive across.


  • We Traveled on one of the cheapest Mexican airlines, Volaris. Truth is I LOVE Volaris, their tickets are super cheap, they allow one suitcase up to 30 pounds and a carry on for free, and they’ve never steered me wrong.


  • We are part of the V Club. The V Club is a sort of Frequent flyer membership where you pay $50 a year and you get flights for much cheaper than non members. Totally worth it if you travel throughout Mexico often and pays itself off in practically one flight.


  • We waited until Volaris was offering a promotion. Which is almost all the time. (Even without a promotion the tickets are very cheap!)




After getting a bomb deal we booked our flights for a week long trip and researched what Oaxaca had to offer.

Guys… Oaxaca has a TON of incredible places and culture to discover. Im talking -petrified waterfalls & homemade organic Mescal- incredible.


Plus, since we were going for a week we decided to make the most of the trip by seeing both the city and the beaches.

We had now decided to go to Oaxaca City, Huatulco, and Puerto Escondido.


And after about an hour of daydreaming and research these were the top must-visit places on our list…

  • Hierve el Agua
  • Mitla Archeological Site
  • Playa Escondido

& the

  • Mescal Factory


We also looked into how to get from the city to the beaches and found out that a 6 hour bus trip costs$12 each , cheaper than it would be to rent a car or fly.


At the end of our planning sesh our Itinerary looked like this:


Oaxaca ~ 3 days
Hualtulco ~ 2 days

Puerto Escondido ~ 2 days

We made reservations at Hostel Azul Cielo, Cabanas Buena Onda, & Hotel Bahia Hualtulco

totaling : $130 for the entire week. MAJOR WIN!
Here’s a little inside into our lives… Jos is a planner. Like an intense break out the receipts and excel sheets planner. Because he had been to Oaxaca before he had a general knowledge of how much things cost there (not a lot at all!) sooo he basically planned out our whole trips approximate expenses and allotted us a certain amount of spending money each day to use on things like food, souvenirs, etc.

This is what our pre Oaxaca excel sheet looked like  –>


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.39.45 AM


Crazy right?! To think that we would spend an entire week traveling, touring and eating like crazy and we already had our hostels/hotels and a few tours paid for!


Just another reason to love Oaxaca right? 🙂



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