5 Things to Know Before Staying at an All-Inclusive Resort

All right so we all know what an all-inclusive resort sounds like, but is that what it really means?


Not entirely.


A lot of resorts that claim to be all inclusive have fees hidden around every corner, oh & don’t forget about tipping!


Recently I had the opportunity to stay at an all-inclusive resort that really was ALL-inclusive (post coming soon!) & it got me thinking about how different it was then all of the rest.


So to make sure you guys are prepared for anything & everything, I’ve decided to share my list of the top 5 things I always check for before booking at a resort.


Hope this helps!


1. Check to see if there is a dress code!


When I first stayed in an all inclusive resort I had no idea dress codes were even a thing…
Thankfully I packed for anything and everything because where we were staying dress codes were definitely a thing (a huge thing!) and they would turn you away from the all inclusive dinners if you weren’t in proper attire.
Take it from me. double, triple and quadruple check the dress code before you pack.
2.  Find out exactly whats included



Does all-inclusive mean food, drinks & activities? Is there a drink limit or max amount of food that can be ordered? Do the activities cost extra?


These are all super important questions to ask beforehand, because if you’re heading there with a budget in mind and end up only getting one meal & 2 free drinks daily then your bound to break your budget. Goodbye savings account.


I also always check if the hotel activities are included or if thats a separate charge. I am such an active, on-the-go person I love taking advantage of anything offered outdoors!


Plus, even if all this is free, at most resorts it is still courtesy to tip the workers, guides, & room service!


3. What activities do they offer? 


Yes, I know. You get it. I LOVE activities. But seriously the activities offered can make or break a resort for me. I want to be able to go somewhere new and try new things!


Sailing.Zip Lining.Paddle boarding.Concerts.Volleyball.Trivia… you name it. I’m up for it!


So when you’re checking out a resort ask for a daily schedule of the activities & start planning that vacay!


& if the activities are sh*tty, I’ d look into a different resort.


4. Tour with the hotel, or tour on your own? 


This is a big one for me. Now, if you don’t care about ever leaving the hotel, scratch this one off the list. But if you’re like me and want to get out there & explore your surroundings then find out what tours leave from the hotel & if they’re over priced.


I always do research on the tours and find out how much the locals are charging vs. how much the hotel charges. If it’s not too big of a price difference I almost always book with the hotel.  Because one, it’s more convenient and two, you get to travel with all the wonderful people you’ve met attending the activities.

If the hotel fees are outrageously priced I’ll make other tour arrangements and take a taxi into town.


5. What kind of resort is it? 


What vacation mood are you in? Do you want to go the family route and book a kid friendly hotel or would If you’d rather be surrounded solely by people over the legal drinking age?


These are definitely things to think about when making your decision.


Right now being newlyweds my husband and I are definitely enjoying the couple resorts most. We meet a ton of people our age & don’t have to worry about anyone cannon balling right next to us in the pool.


That is unless someone has a little too much tequila. seriously, though.


I’m sure when we do have a family that will all change and the family resorts will be our new fav.


but that’s not happening anytime soon, (Sorry dad) so for now we’ll stick to the couples resorts!




I would love to hear about your experiences at all-inclusive resorts and the things you always check out before booking one!

Let me know in the comments!!




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  1. These are some great tips. I recently booked a trip, and I had a hard time deciding whether to choose the all-inclusive option or not. I loved the hotel but at the last moment I found out that all-inclusive meant only free breakfast until 10 am, and I personally prefer to sleep in when on vacation :). So I completely agree that checking all the info before you book your trip is essential.

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